Pittsburgh Residents and Radon in Water

Friday, July 27, 2012 @ 07:07 PM
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The Health Impact of Radon in Water in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

pittsburgh radon in water
Radon is a gas that can be found in nature in the air and soil. Outside, its levels are so low as to not be harmful. Unfortunately, radon can also contaminate underground water supplies, allowing the gas to gradually build up in your home to the point that it becomes dangerous. Waterborne radon can also be ingested through drinking water. Either type of exposure can be very detrimental to your health if the gas is not properly and professionally removed. Removal of radon in water is not something that should be tackled by a homeowner as a do-it-yourself process, nor can this be complex process be professionally completed by a local plumber. Hiring a professional radon mitigation expert from SWAT Environmental can ensure proper removal of this dangerous gas. These experts have been properly trained in the detection and removal of radon in water supplies.

Health Risks from Radon in Water

It is a known fact that radon can be carcinogenic (cancer-causing) and should not be inhaled through the air or ingested through your home water supply. Inhaling airborne radon is linked to lung cancer, while swallowing waterborne radon is linked to stomach and other forms of cancer. Do not take the health risks associated with high radon levels in your drinking water lightly, especially if you have children; they tend to be particularly vulnerable to high levels of radon.

Waterborne Radon Detected in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Due to the large number of properties in this area that rely on well water, and the prevalence of natural radon creation in the region, there is a very high incidence of waterborne radon in Pittsburgh. Many people are under the impression that they can simply run water through a pitcher with a filter attached, or use a faucet-mounted filter, to remove radon in water. This is not true. Radon can only be removed professionally, using an aerated process that uses air to attach to the gas and allow it to release from the water and flow into the outdoor air.

Removal of Radon in Water in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

After you contact SWAT Environmental, an experienced radon mitigation specialist will come out to your home and do a full evaluation to determine the best way to mitigate the radon in your water supply. He will then put a plan in motion to ensure that more than 99 percent of this dangerous gas is removed, preventing it from harming you or your family. Of course, if you do not know what your home’s radon levels are, the first step is simply to have SWAT’s experts perform a test of your radon levels. Unfortunately, since radon is invisible, scentless and tasteless, this is the only way to tell when your home contains it.

The state of Pennsylvania requires that all radon mitigation experts pass a state licensure exam, proving that they understand the complexity of all possible radon abatement systems and which to use in different situations. Hiring an expert ensures that you are getting a skilled, state-licensed specialist that is using the most advanced technology available to protect your home.

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