Residential Radon Mitigation – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Residential Radon Mitigation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Residential Radon Mitigation PittsburghSo you live in the bustling city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Who would have thought that your home would need residential radon mitigation? For all of the pavement in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you would think that radon, a soil-born radioactive element, would be confined to the countryside. Residents of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania should be aware that radon contamination in the home can cause serious health issues. If your home has tested for high levels of radon, then residential radon mitigation is the solution, and you will need a qualified contractor whose sole focus is radon mitigation.

Radon enters a home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania just like it does in any other home in the U.S. – through the dirt. Except Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, being in the northeast, is in the middle of higher concentrations of radon, meaning your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home is theoretically at higher risk than a home in the Great Plains. Radon is in pockets of the soil, and if your home’s foundation happens to be on one of those pockets, the air quality indoors could be affected. Air pressure is much greater outdoors than indoors, causing your home to act like a large vacuum. Even small cracks or holes in the foundation allow radon to be sucked up from the soil into your home, and then remain trapped there.

Residential radon mitigation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania involves evaluating your home for those entry points and equalizing the pressure to remedy the problem. Qualified residential radon mitigation services from a company like ours means the air in your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home is safe to breathe once more.

Does the Water in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Require Residential Radon Mitigation?

If your home uses well water, you should have it tested for radon contamination. Underground water tables may come into contact with radon pockets and carry it into your home, meaning that even if the soil around your home is free of radon, don’t assume your water is as well. Our services include radon mitigation for water issues in the home for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania residents.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a great place to live, and we hope you will consider our company if you need an experienced contractor for radon mitigation. Our residential radon mitigation specialists are licensed to work in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and can remedy any radon issue in your home.