Waterborne Radon Reduction – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Waterborne Radon Reduction Systems in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Waterborne Radon PittsburghIf you have radon in your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home, consider this: radon mitigation for a residential water supply is not a job for a general contractor or for the average plumber. Radon can cause serious health issues for your family, and if needed, radon mitigation will also protect the value of your home. Choose a well-qualified radon mitigation company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when you need a waterborne radon reduction system for your home.

Radon is present in the soil and can enter a home either through cracks in a home’s foundation (air-borne radon contamination), or through well water when the source contacts radon-contaminated soil. Your family is exposed to radon every time they come into contact with water or drink it. Radon cannot be adequately filtered through a tap-mounted system. It is indiscernible without testing, and the EPA only certifies certain tests and water analysis methods, as some tests for radon levels are not accurate.

What are the signs of a qualified waterborne radon mitigation contractor in Pittsburgh?

For waterborne radon reduction systems, a qualified radon mitigation specialist in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania will not only have the equipment and knowledge to conduct EPA-certified water analysis tests, both for radon and other contaminants that could interfere with a radon reduction system’s operations, but he will also be able to:

  • Determine the best waterborne radon reduction system based on the results of those tests, which will be either an aeration system, or a granular activated carbon (GAC) system.
  • Decide on the size of the system based on the water flow in your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home.
  • Ably determine the best location for the system considering plumbing, electrical, and ventilation requirements of the chosen system.

In addition to the above, a good radon mitigation contractor will be licensed and insured to work in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Training, experience, sophisticated equipment and technology, certification – these are all mandatory qualities for an excellent radon mitigation service. You can find all of these qualities right here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

When you make your list of viable radon mitigation companies, please contact us first. We have a long history of successful radon mitigation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and we’re ready to serve your waterborne radon mitigation needs.